Lent: A Time for Reflection


Thursday, April 2, 2015

“It is finished.” Only three words—three powerful words from Jesus before His life ended. We could equate them with “The End.”

While it was the end of His life as it had been on earth, it was a beginning in other ways. Jesus had accomplished His goal. It was complete.

In Day 38 of Adam Hamilton’s book, 40 Days of Reflection, the author says, “Jesus’ dying words tell us that he did not understand himself simply to be the victim of a tragic miscarriage of justice. Instead, in his death, he had accomplished the mission for which God had sent him.”

Hamilton reflects on this fulfilled mission. “Theologians have devoted volumes to answering the question—what was the mission Jesus fulfilled by his death?”

The answers, says Hamilton, take three distinct but broad directions which are not mutually exclusive—more likely, adds Hamilton, they are complimentary.

  1.  According to the first view, the suffering and death of Jesus were meant to affect the human race deeply. “Recall that John began his Gospel by saying that Jesus was God’s Word become  flesh. Jesus revealed God, and God’s will for humanity, to us.”
  2. Jesus’ suffering and death was a mirror to the human race, revealing our own brokenness and sin.
  3. But these events also revealed God’s love—a God who willingly suffered on our behalf in order to save us from ourselves and to win our hearts to him.

Hamilton adds, “Jesus’ death changed how we see ourselves, God, and the world around us.”

As Good Friday approaches, imagine Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. How does the story affect you?  Ask God to help you love sacrificially and faithfully as His disciple.

Read the following scripture today as you continue on this 40-day lent journey: John 19:30a.


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