Prayer Journal Challenge

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you. . . Psalm 5:3 (NIV)

Did you know that God wants to have a personal relationship with you? He loves you more than you can ever imagine. Just like any relationship we have with someone who loves us, it requires spending time with Him to grow that intimacy.

I find that the early morning is the best for me to seek His face. Before my day gets hectic, I spend time in scripture and pouring out my heart to the One who knows me best. As my pen flows across the pages of my journal, I feel comforted knowing that He is there in the room with me. I feel His presence and peace. When I am troubled, I hear His voice saying, “I am your hiding place, your refuge. I am with you always.”

In John 16:33, Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Jesus also started his mornings in prayer with His Heavenly Father. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” Mark 1:35 (NIV).

Wouldn’t you like to spend time with your Heavenly Father each morning before you tackle the day? Would your day’s tasks be easier if you gave them to Him and asked for His guidance? You bet they would.

I hope you will try prayer journaling for 40 days. Why 40 days? Forty is mentioned in the Bible many times in both the Old and New Testaments.

  • After Noah loaded his family and all of the animals onto the ark, God sent rain for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Moses and the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years.
  • Moses was with God on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights without bread and water when God gave him the Ten Commandments.
  • Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness for 40 days.

Once you start “Journaling with Jesus,” you will find your relationship—the most important one you’ll ever have—will blossom into a lifelong love affair with your Heavenly Father.

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Prayer is a window that God has placed in the walls of our world. Leave it shut and the world is a cold, dark house. Throw back the curtains and see His light. Open the window and hear His voice. Open the window of prayer and invoke the presence of God into your world.” –Max Lucado, Prayer, A Heavenly Invitation

Prayer is about a conversation with our loving God—not about wearing Him down to get what we want.” —Nancy Guthrie, Today’s Christian Woman

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Journal Challenge

  1. Hi Carol! My name is Beth and I have been trying to journal for several months. I also like to pray by writing them out. It seems like writing my prayers keeps them focused and I don’t feel like my thoughts are just bouncing off the ceiling.
    I also like to review books and was hoping that you may let me get a Kindle copy of Journaling with Jesus in exchange for a review.
    My email is Beth(dot)p(dot)almeida15(at)Gmail(dot)(com)