Do you need the latest technological devices to be content?

“Turn to the Lord! He can still be found.
    Call out to God! He is near”—Isaiah 55:6(CEV).


After 15 years of driving my 2001 Honda Passport, it was time to shop for another vehicle. I’d bought the car new and was content to drive it until it fell apart. However, with almost 175,000 miles on it, the SUV had started costing me too much this past year to keep it running. I needed something reliable.

Shopping online first, I narrowed down my choices. I wanted something pre-owned with low miles. I needed a vehicle that would not only fit my budget but would last for many years. I settled on another Honda, a 2014 CRV. The vehicle is loaded with options that are now standard on most new vehicles, including a back-up camera, Bluetooth and control buttons on the steering wheel.

Pulling the instruction book out of the glove compartment, I started reading to learn how everything worked. I joked that I’d need a PhD to figure things out. Although these options are nice, I would have been content to drive my old Honda until it died.

He is always near to those who call upon Him.

Notice I used the word “content” in the previous paragraph. Before I gave my life to Jesus, I didn’t experience much contentment. I was drawn to things without lasting value. I wanted the latest and the best. I wasted time, money and energy on stuff that no longer matters.

I’ve written much lately about the choices we have in life as well as the choices we make that either draw us closer to or separate us from God. Just like all the bells and whistles on my new vehicle can either add to my life or distract from it, the things we allow into our life can do the same.

In 1 Kings, we read about a wicked king named Ahab. During his reign, a majority of the people were worshipping the Canaanite gods. God had already warned the people to separate themselves from the pagan gods, but they wouldn’t listen. Finally, God sent the prophet Elijah who urged the people of ancient Israel to turn from sin and to return to the true God.

With God’s help, Elijah performed miracles, including withholding rain for over three years. After a showdown with the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah on Mount Carmel, God’s power over the pagan gods won out and the Israelites were convinced of the one true God. After Elijah ordered the execution of the pagan prophets, he came under a death threat from Jezebel, the wicked queen of King Ahab.

To escape her threats, Elijah ran away. Tired of running, he cried out to God. Later, God would make His presence known to Elijah. But God didn’t reveal himself in the powerful wind, an earthquake or a fire. God revealed Himself in a simple, gentle whisper.

You don’t need the latest, trendiest technological communication devices. You simply have to cry out. He is always near to those who call upon Him. We just have to listen for that still, small voice.

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2 thoughts on “Do you need the latest technological devices to be content?

  1. Wow! Yes, yes, yes!!! I have noticed my family gravitating towards television and tablets and Kindles and phones and such a LOT lately.
    In my mission to try and curb that nasty habit, I’ve begun to realize just how dependent people have become on electronics and on noise in general.
    I could ( & often do) spend all day with no noise at all. Reading a good book, writing but no noise. My husband and son seem to NEED the noise and distraction. It’s almost as if they’re allergic to quiet. LOL!!!
    When I started to notice this stuff, I started really paying attention to people, and was blown away when I saw entire families in the store all looking down at their phones or when I saw two sisters texting each other even though they were in the very same room!
    This makes me wonder what will happen as society becomes more and more technologically advanced. Without some sort of self-control, we will end up becoming lost behind a maze of glowing screens.
    I know that phones and computers and social media play important roles in our time. I have 3 Bible apps on my phone, was a freelance editor who worked from home via computer and email until my son was born, and without Facebook and the web, I wouldn’t be lucky enough to know some of the most precious women God put on this earth. Through Bible studies and online Bible study groups like and, I am staying in the Bible much more and am encouraged daily by the women I’ve met through these groups.
    But nothing can replace sitting quietly with the Lord. I function better after I’ve spent some time in the quiet.

    • You are so right, Beth! I have noticed the same thing. People sitting across from each other in a public place, not talking, but absorbed in their cell phone. It really bothers me. I am afraid it will lead to a society who cannot communicate face-to-face anymore. I know that technology has its good points but it has become a problem. I love the silence! During that time, I can hear the still, small voice of our Heavenly Father speaking to me. God bless you and yours!